Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution from Fiserv is an image-based, workflow-enabled system designed to help your institution resolve adjustments and dispute claims in less time and at a lower cost while meeting regulatory, network and internal requirements.

Resolving dispute claims and check adjustments are laborious manual processes that cost financial institutions wasted man hours, inconsistent customer experiences, higher error rates and potential losses related to non-compliance with regulatory and network rules. Our payment resolution services provide your institution with end-to-end electronic payment management technology that can be used across the enterprise, enabling multiple departments to use their own rules and case types specific to a payment type.

Our Solution

Dispute Resolution includes Adjustments Express™, All Transactions File™ and Web Express™ Case Entry from Fiserv. These products provide case management processing for multiple payment types including cards, ACH (Automated Clearing House) and checks with unique modules, rules and workflows designed to efficiently process each payment type.

Adjustments Express: Offers image-based, workflow-enabled functionality that automates back-office processes by standardizing the dispute resolution process across all payment types. This dramatically improves productivity, reduces costs and risk, manages an evolving payments environment, eliminates paper handling and speeds up customer service delivery in a multi-site, multi-bank environment.

Web Express Case Entry: Integrates with Adjustments Express to enable browser-based case entry, support document attachment and case inquiry. It minimizes - and potentially eliminates - back office operations and data entry processes by enabling front-office users and large corporate customers to enter cases and to inquire into the status of case resolution. The system can be deployed internally to increase efficiency, as well as externally to improve customer service.

All Transactions File: An enterprise system-of-record that provides a centralized point of access for the transaction data coming in from many different sources, making costly and time-consuming manual processes obsolete. The system is designed to help you manage transaction information for all recordkeeping purposes and to support the future payments enterprise, providing an extendable, open database for all payment and payment-related transactions.


There are numerous benefits to our Dispute Resolution solutions.

Adjustments Express:

  • Improves productivity through automation and pre-decisioning cases
  • Enables compliance with regulatory and network guidelines
  • Eliminates keystrokes and data entry errors
  • Eliminates paper processing through electronic communications with payment processors, networks and internal applications
  • Improves customer satisfaction, enabling achievement of bank-set service levels and providing a common customer experience regardless of the payment type
  • Reduces losses and minimizes financial risk through case prioritization


All Transactions File:

  • Provides a single point of control to store, access and manage transaction data for long-term archival and research
  • Improves productivity through auto-research capabilities and interfaces
  • Offers flexible and extendable transaction data functionality
  • Improves customer service across the enterprise and accelerates data retrieval
  • Eliminates information silos and enables a true life-cycle view across transaction events and payment types

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