BillMatrix Next

BillMatrix® Next from Fiserv provides payment flexibility for real-life - meeting your customers at their payment points of preference while reducing your costs. Choose this comprehensive and flexible multichannel payment solution.


BillMatrix Next from Fiserv gives your consumers the flexibility to easily set up payments from their accounts, create and maintain digital wallets and schedule one-time, recurring and automatic payments. Your consumers can access their accounts from their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops and make payments when they want, all in real-time. BillMatrix Next is payment flexibility for real-life applications.

Our solution is fully compliant with industry security standards, including PCI and SSAE16. We'll keep you in front of the complex and constantly changing regulatory environment of accepting electronic payments.

BillMatrix Next provides flexibility for your organization too. It's quick to market, so you can be up and running and taking payments in weeks, not months. BillMatrix Next was designed to meet the unique needs of industry verticals from utilities to telecom to insurance and consumer lending; BillMatrix Next brings the power of Fiserv to your billing and payment operations.


  • Multichannel billing and payments: Online, mobile, IVR and CSR-assisted
  • Payment options: Debit and credit cards* and ACH payments; consumer-fee or client-absorbed cost models; immediate, future-dated, recurring and automatic payments
  • Self-service tool: User management and reporting
  • Branding: Website logo, color scheme, font, text size, text and labels
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

*Credit cards cannot be used for loan payments.

Serving the Bill Pay Mobivore

Understand mobile-only consumers' bill pay needs.

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