Cater to your customers' billing presentment preferences with convenient, secure, personalized communications. Simply send your data stream from any system and Fiserv will present your bills in printed, digital and mobile formats to distribute through mail, biller direct and bank channels.


Fiserv is uniquely positioned to deliver your paper, electronic and mobile wallet bills. We're experts at helping clients migrate customers from paper to e-delivery, and our solution can be fully integrated with online banking environments.

According to Fiserv research, offering billing and payment options is likely to significantly increase customer satisfaction.

  • 73 percent of consumers want reminders that bills are due
  • 80 percent say reminders would improve their satisfaction with the biller
  • 70 percent say receiving electronic bills increases their satisfaction
  • 36 percent say the option to receive bills electronically makes them less likely to switch to a competitor


  • Enjoy unification across physical and digital communications
  • Maintain real-time status of each customer's account status using the service toolkit
  • Save money by promoting paperless adoption through solicitation letters, push alerts and enabling customers to opt in at the time of registration or modification of profiles
  • Take advantage of convenient digital bounce-back reporting to enable you to print and mail when needed
  • Leverage your bills as a key component of your multichannel communications strategy

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