Fiserv offers a secure, streamlined solution for bill preparation. Using data sent from any account processing or customer information system, we create personalized and branded bills designed to engage, cross-sell and deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels.


Our research shows that the average consumer spends up to four minutes reviewing a bill or statement. Make the most of this opportunity by transforming your bills into dynamic marketing and informational tools. We offer best-in-class graphic design and messaging expertise, enabling you to create documents that drive readers' attention to targeted areas for maximum understanding and impact. Our flexible messaging options let you customize the bill at the individual level.

We combine your transactional content with promotional and educational marketing content to motivate desired behaviors and increase cross-sell revenue. With every bill delivered, you have your customer's focused attention.


  • Choose from two standard document designs (color or monochrome)
  • Use our intuitive, easy-to use self-service portal to create personalized, targeted messaging, view production information, review and manage special handling instructions and even conduct audit reviews
  • Create a single version for print and digital delivery
  • Configure options to simplify implementation, maintenance, archiving and ongoing support
  • Track your mailings and view real-time production reports whenever and wherever you want
  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating separate mailings, avoiding preprinted inserts and lowering warehouse and mailing costs

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