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Accel® from Fiserv is a leading U.S. debit payments network that enables financial institutions to meet the needs of consumers who expect to make payments and access funds in real-time wherever, whenever and however they choose.

Our Solution

Accel logoWith more than 40 years of debit funds access and payments expertise, Accel from Fiserv delivers a multitude of ways for your consumers to access their funds, make purchases online and in the brick and mortar environment, and send and receive money in real-time. We deliver a broad range of solutions that include point-of-sale (POS) programs for PIN and PINless debit, online bill payments, No PIN and cardless transactions, and e-commerce, in addition to money transfer transaction programs. We continue to invest in and advance technologies like token-authenticated transactions and mobile payments.

Accel remains at the forefront of the payments industry and responsive to a constantly evolving payments landscape with a full suite of innovative, secure and convenient funds access and payment solutions.

  • Consumers, small businesses and commercial organizations alike use debit, prepaid and healthcare cards for Accel real-time funds access and payment transactions
  • Financial institutions enjoy a wide range of cost-effective and secure debit solutions comprised of PIN, PINless and cardless transactions, in addition to enhanced payment capabilities and technologies that include EMV/chip cards and transactions secured with a token
  • Issuing organizations can choose from unique and flexible POS interchange programs designed for financial institutions of all sizes, each with its own unique objectives

Expansive North American Network

The dependability and security of Accel are complemented by broad channel access and expansive coverage, enabling convenient consumer transactions.

  • Accel is welcome at U.S. retailers of all sizes—large and small, nationwide—with and without a PIN or with a signature
  • You can also depend on Accel to ensure fast, successful and secure online transactions for e-commerce purchases and bill payment activity
  • With a 99 percent ATM acceptance rate, Accel cardholders can access ATMs across the U.S.—and in Canada—for cash and balance inquiries


In a digital and dynamic payments environment, remain well ahead of your competition with secure Accel real-time enabled solutions. Accelerate funds access and payments for your organization and accountholders, and penetrate new, non-traditional markets while realizing these benefits:

  • Optimize overall net revenue in an ever-evolving and increasingly competitive payments market
  • Mitigate attrition and increase revenue-producing transactions
  • Deliver innovative debit funds access and payment functionality and technologies to consumers today and into the future
  • Optimize your payments portfolio, maximize your network investment and enhance your operational effectiveness, while boosting non-interest revenue

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