LynxGate® from Fiserv is a cost-effective ATM intercept processing and switch gateway solution providing financial institutions with in-house control and real-time access to switches and networks.


LynxGate is the most complete solution for online, ATM, debit, credit and shared branch services. The product is a robust ATM intercept processing and switch gateway solution combining powerful features with flexibility and ease of use.

LynxGate puts financial institutions in control of their entire ATM operation with real-time access to any switch or network. A Web-based user interface and fully-integrated relational database create a simple to use solution capable of supporting advanced features that enable member customization, automated balancing and device control.

LynxGate solutions help keep ATMs online and on track by providing continuous, unattended monitoring and automated alerts for attached network devices, including the interface with the account processing system's switch gateway connections and ATM devices.

LynxGate Switch Gateway Processing manages the routing and settlement of activity from ATMs, points of sale, debit cards, credit cards and shared branch network interfaces. Access to transaction detail supports service representatives in responding quickly and accurately to questions from cardholders.

Participating in a shared branch network enables members to conduct business with financial institutions from numerous locations. With LynxGate Shared Branch Services, you can take shared branch activity a step further by accepting guest transactions that directly benefit your bottom line.


  • Automated balancing with access to transaction detail and exception subsystem
  • Member relationship management through additional velocity limits, promotional messages on screen and receipt and fee plans at the cardholder or BIN level
  • Guest customization including selective surcharge support, routing by BIN and alternate switch assignments
  • In-house control and monitoring of device and network interfaces with real-time alerts based upon exception conditions and patterns of activity
  • Data change auditing and advanced security and encryption functions

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