Improve Efficiency With Intelligent Automation Technologies, now part of Infinite

Now more than ever, clients are looking to improve their digital operations and increase efficiency. Intelligent Automation Technologies, now part of Infinite, can help. 

Our strategy is to incorporate complementary technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and AI to deliver business operational excellence and resilience for our clients. From labor capacity creation and improved client experience to new products and services, Intelligent Automation Technologies can optimize your digital transformation.

Intelligent Automation Technologies Journey

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the use of software to mimic the actions a human user would perform – at scale.

According to a Gartner CIO study conducted in 2021, the RPA segment continues its rapid growth trajectory, growing over 20% per year. From quickly changing legacy processes to helping you manage processes remotely, RPA can securely assist you 24/7 and from anywhere.

Robotic Process Automation from Fiserv is a strong enabler for delivering seamless experiences for customers, gaining bottom-line efficiencies, attaining top-line lift, and establishing a smoother path for regulation and compliance. With its ability to perform routine intersystem tasks quickly and accurately, Robotic Process Automation offers a cost-effective way to increase your organization’s bandwidth.

Five key steps for a successful Robotic Process Automation implementation

Utilizing best practices, Fiserv has identified key steps to help ensure Robotic Process Automation delivers value to your organization. Hear more about this in our recent webinar.


Automation Roadmap


The Right Process


Best-Fit Tools



Robust Development Approach


Manage Operations



Turnkey Robotic Process Automation Packages

We offer an end-to-end solution or we can assist with any step of the process. Jump-start your journey with one of our turnkey Robotic Process Automation packages or utilize professional services to  develop bots that meet your specific needs.

Packages include:

    • Process identification session
    • Development: Adapt one of our pre-built bots or develop your own use cases
    • Robotic Process Automation software
    • Implementation
    • Training to manage your digital workers

Robotic Process Automation Automates Highly Manual and Repetitive Processes – Freeing Up Capacity

Performing the actions of a human, Robotic Process Automation can interact with multiple systems and automate processes of different complexity levels. We have outlined many use cases and tasks where Robotic Process Automation can help in the following areas.  In many cases we have pre-built bots to accelerate time to market.

Pre-Built Bot Solutions

Core Systems

Integrate manual processes with the account processing solutions from Fiserv or third party


Cards, Loans and Deposits

Free up staff by assisting in loan onboarding, payoff quotes or create cases for block card requests


Fraud and Risk

Speed up fraud and due diligence processes reporting, manual data capture using OCR and AML techniques


Software Third Party

Automate tasks that involve logging into third-party solutions


Maintenance and Administration

Member services, customer updates and employee tasks


HR and IT

Streamline everything from automating employee email notifications, onboarding process, to scanning of documents for verification


We are increasing efficiency by automating repetitive manual processes such as updating accounts, enrolling services and new hire onboarding with Robotic Process Automation from Fiserv. The bots automatically do the work for us not only in faster time, but without human errors.

The Fiserv team has been great to partner with on our RPA journey. They are proactive, knowledgeable and committed to our success.

Adrian S. Darmawan, EVP, Chief Technology Officer, First Foundation Bank

Orange pencil lies on an orange paper background. Orange pencil lies on an orange paper background.



Want to learn more about Robotic Process Automation or jump start your journey?

Listen to our recent webinar on the Systems Integration Services Power Series.


Webinar: Driving Efficiency With Robotic Process Automation

In this short webinar, leaders for the Bank of Princeton and Fiserv talk about the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing a robotic process automation (RPA) solution. Learn how RPA helped the bank improve efficiency and drive results.

Innovative technologies and cloud-based software architectures require new testing approaches. Intelligent Automation Technologies improves time to market, performance and efficiency with Testing Services.

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