Application Development and Systems Integration Services

Deliver on-demand experiences through Application Development and Systems Integration services from Fiserv.

Many institutions have multiple systems working in silos. Limited enterprise collaboration and process inefficiencies don't allow them to deliver the frictionless on-demand experiences required in today's environment.

With Application Development and Systems Integration services from Fiserv, we can help you transform and integrate your data and applications to Fiserv or third parties. 

Application Development:

Develop new applications and enterprise solutions or customize, enhance and upgrade existing applications
to run operations.

Systems Integration: 

Deliver seamless on-demand experiences by employing leading integration tools and methodologies to integrate Fiserv, customer-owned or third-party applications.



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Legacy Modernization

Plan, refactor, replatform, rearchitect or rebuild to modernize existing applications

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Cloud Development


Implement end-to-end cloud solutions with Java, .NET technology capability

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Portal Development


Portal development to enable integration with client ecosystems to automate process execution steps 

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Mobile Development


Develop new digital first features or point solutions
 move apps to mobile


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CRM Integration and Development


Leverage a suite of services to implement, extend or optimize CRM solutions such as Salesforce®

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Agile Development

Access coaches, scrum masters and certified associates with best practices and curriculum development

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API Development and Integration


Utilize packaged, cloud, open APIs for Fiserv, client and third-party solutions

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SOA Framework and Microservices


Usage of architecture, microservice design principles and leading technologies

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Robotic Process Automation


Create digital workers to automate repetitive, manual human tasks

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User Experience / User Design


Access UX consulting and development for digital first and channel transformation

Fiserv brings technical depth, process maturity (agile, scrum, DevOps, etc.) and domain expertise – for everything from mobile, big data and blockchain to open APIs and legacy reengineering. In addition to building and integrating applications for clients, we also manage ecosystems of applications allowing organizations to focus more on their core business.

See how one of our customers transformed from several legacy systems into a single CRM instance with the help of services from Fiserv.


Application Development in Action – Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software to mimic the actions a human user would perform – at scale.

According to Gartner, RPA is the fastest growing software segment.  RPA maximizes the effectiveness in new working conditions.  From quickly changing legacy processes to helping you manage processes remotely, RPA can securely assist you 24/7 and from anywhere.

RPA is a strong enabler for delivering seamless experiences for customers, gaining bottom-line efficiencies, attaining top-line lift and establishing a smoother path for regulation and compliance. With its ability to perform routine intersystem tasks quickly and accurately, RPA offers a cost-effective way to increase your organization’s bandwidth.

Business Category

 Pre-Built Bots - Examples


Account Maintenance


   Client Address Information Maintenance / Statement Methods

  Loan Payment Method / Office Code Maintenance

Loans and Deposits

  New Customer and Account Creation / Payoff Quote Generation


IT and Monitoring



  Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)

   End of Day PCOMB Monitoring

   Control Tower

Card Management

  Travel Notification


Key Steps of Any RPA solution

Fiserv offers an end-to-end solution or we can assist with any step of the process. Jump start your journey from one of our pre-built bots or we can develop bots that meet your specific needs.


Identify and map the right processes to achieve goals

Bot Development

Process map, adapt or develop bots

RPA Software

Leverage Blue Prism from Fiserv or client-selected RPA software


Manage, tune and deliver continuous improvement

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