Wealth Operations Automation

Financial institutions use Wealth Operations Automation from Fiserv to help simplify and speed client onboarding, improve customer service levels and better address oversight and compliance requirements.

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Process Automation is Key to Wealth Management Success

Simplify processing and improve client service

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Wealth Operations Automation helps your organization break free from the constraints of a paper-based environment with an automated solution that connects sales, front- and back-office operations, risk management and client services with core accounting and CRM functions. It can help you achieve improved acquisition and retention of clients, as well as improving operational efficiency with reduced costs.

Wealth Operations Automation provides compliant and efficient automated processes for wealth management operations.

Using Wealth Operations Automation Helps Automate Client Onboarding so You Can Focus on Providing Excellent Service

With secure, paperless and automatic content routing and task tracking, your team can have instant access to the information they need to deliver the excellent service levels your clients expect.

Wealth Operations Automation integrates with your portfolio management system to help your users quickly access documents and data without leaving the familiar interface of their core application.


Wealth Management Operation benefits your organization with:

  • Faster account opening which can improve customer service and response times
  • Quick identification of priority requests so you can provide a faster, more tailored response
  • Configurable for instant access to a 360 degree view of the client, their history and their portfolio
  • Improved operational efficiencies by setting up faster handoff times between processors
  • Real-time historical tracking of all actions documented in the system, simplifying auditing and compliance

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