With Titan™ from Fiserv, you can process high volumes of data and images with speed, flexibility and scalability for greater efficiency in your digital asset management efforts.


Financial institutions must manage a vast number of images, including check images and statements, Image Replacement Documents, electronic statements and remittance images. They must be stored but remain easily accessible, and they must be secured to meet government regulations and safeguard banking customers' privacy. You can meet these challenges with Titan, a high-volume image management system that brings new efficiencies to your enterprise content management efforts.

Titan includes tools for image archive, acquisition, delivery, viewing and more. The Titan image management solution automates many of your bank's image-based processes, making them faster and more efficient. It's flexible enough to integrate with geographically distributed storage solutions and scalable enough to keep up with your bank's growth, no matter how big or how fast your organization expands.

At the heart of the Titan image management system is a hierarchical storage and retrieval archive that allows image data to exist in a unique state simultaneously on different storage media. Images can be routed into multiple archive locations to seamlessly prepare your bank for disaster recovery. Images can be searched for, retrieved and viewed either online through a Web browser by your bank's customer service and research staff or offline on a delivered CD-ROM or DVD to your bank's corporate customers.

As part of the Enterprise Content Management set of solutions from Fiserv, Titan can help you simplify, secure and improve the efficiency and control of your bank's paperless document storage.


Titan brings new efficiencies to your financial institution's image process management efforts by automating several laborious processes into a digital asset management system. It includes the following features:

  • Image archive based on an "anything in, anything out" architecture that provides a stable, mission-critical storage and retrieval environment for any type of document or image from anywhere
  • Image acquisition inserts image date into the archive database from all major image capture platforms with support for both prime-pass and re-pass image capture
  • Image delivery that provides your bank's consumer customers with quick, easy and secure access to digital images associated with check-based transactions via CD-ROM, DVD and online
  • Image statements for your bank's end customers that are easier to read, more conveniently packaged and quickly delivered
  • Variety of image archive viewers that give users point-and-click access to check images, associated documents and other information within the archive, including an offline viewer, security-protected intranet and Internet viewers and historical CD-ROMs
  • Automatic routing of individual images or data sets into separate archive locations, document types or databases for multiple location storage
  • Retrieval requests that can be sorted by individual media types to minimize wear on tapes, tape drives, optical platters and drives

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