Nautilus Essentials

Document archiving is a necessary practice that can be very cumbersome and time-consuming. Streamlining these processes can save you both time and effort – reducing operating costs while increasing staff productivity. 

Nautilus® Essentials from Fiserv is a cost-effective SaaS-based enterprise content management solution that can help your institution gain an immediate boost in workflow by reducing manual document management and hard copy storage needs. Nautilus Essentials enables fast and convenient document collection, indexing and storage in a secure repository, providing you easy access to reports, faster research capabilities and electronic document generation. Plus, it interfaces with multiple Fiserv account processing solutions for photo and signature retrieval, document integration and statement access. 

A streamlined approach to document management that reduces costs

Reduce response time to customer requests

Securely access reports and documents anytime 

Store documents online with simple click-and-drag capture


Protect customer data 24/7 through 128-bit encryption and SSL technology

Enable multiple users to access reports and documents simultaneously


Nautilus Essentials handles all your archiving needs and document organization without burdening your staff, resources – or your budget. 


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Modernize document archiving with Nautilus Essentials to save time and resources by streamlining archive processes, reducing operating costs and increasing staff productivity.

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