TrackPoint™ from Fiserv utilizes enterprise tracking capabilities organizations can use to trace each asset type in the system from origin to destination, improving visibility and accountability and reducing risk across your organization.

Improve Tracking and Tracing of Checks and Currency

Optimize shipment and delivery oversight.

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Reduce the Risk of Lost Assets

Organizations must account for valuable documents and assets while they're in transit, in process and in storage. These assets, including those with monetary value such as stock certificates, often pass through the hands of multiple customers and vendors as they travel through different departments and locations. The challenge is to provide real-time visibility of each asset's location, whether the document contains sensitive customer information or time-critical information like loan documents, checks or accountable mail. What is the risk to your organization if any of these assets go missing?

Visibility of Assets Anytime, Anywhere

TrackPoint is a robust, web-based track and trace system that helps you streamline the delivery management process to reduce expenses, minimize errors and improve customer service. This asset tracking tool uses bar code scanning, electronic signature capture capabilities and web services to track, trace and report on any item sent through the system inside or outside of your organization, providing real-time visibility of each asset's location.

Utilizing TrackPoint, your institution can track any asset type in the system, at any point in the delivery cycle - lowering the risk of financial loss and damage to your bank's reputation caused when assets go missing. TrackPoint is built on a scalable, easy-to-use, platform you can configure to automate otherwise manual counting, verifying, logging and reporting processes.


TrackPoint can help you:

  • Configure real-time visibility to both the location and "point in process" for any item in the system
  • Track multiple assets, which can lessen risk of data or financial loss
  • Verify delivery and change of custody with electronic data and signature collection 
  • Improve SLAs and increase control with system alerts on late or out-of-standard exceptions

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