Choose MatchPoint® from Fiserv, a powerful, automated invoice reconciliation and contract management solution, to help reduce invoice and contract costs by eliminating errors and mitigating fraud.

Reduce Invoice and Contract Costs

Help eliminate errors, increase compliance and improve control.

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Without our invoice matching and validation software, it's impossible to ensure that the money your bank spends each year on goods and services is the same as the prices negotiated on each vendor contract. MatchPoint invoice reconciliation is the answer.

Automating Invoice Reconciliation and Validation

MatchPoint is a web-based, automated invoice reconciliation and invoice validation system that helps you match vendor or service provider invoices with the agreed contract rates and the actual goods and services received. You can configure it to quickly validate invoice details, match invoiced amounts, and verify contractually negotiated rates which can help reduce costs, mitigate fraud and improve compliance.

This scalable solution can be set up to provide invoice validation and matching across your enterprise, regardless of the number of vendors you employ, the complexity of your contract terms or the number of invoices submitted.


MatchPoint can help you:

  • Improve efficiency and streamline your payables process
  • Reconcile invoices against contracted services to document alignment and avoid overpayment
  • Reduce errors with configurable analysis and matching capabilities
  • Create a single database to streamline audit, reporting and integration with internal billing systems

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