Enterprise Tracking and Reconciliation

Improve the management of assets and invoices across your organization with enterprise tracking and reconciliation from Fiserv.

Improve Tracking and Tracing of Checks and Currency

Optimize shipment and delivery oversight.

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During a time of unprecedented focus on financial governance, organizations are under pressure to better manage the countless number of assets and invoices in their enterprises. In the currency supply chain alone, your organization must process invoices from several service providers such as armored car carriers, ATM and other hardware vendors and third-party processors. In addition, organizations need to account for the location of all business assets - from furniture and computers to documents with monetary value - whether in transit, in process or in storage.

To meet this challenge, organizations need an enterprise-wide solution that provides the necessary capabilities to help reduce costs, mitigate fraud and improve controls. That's where Fiserv can help. Enterprise tracking and reconciliation solutions from Fiserv enable organizations to optimize business processing to achieve greater productivity and financial accountability.

The suite of enterprise tracking and reconciliation products includes:

  • MatchPoint® for end-to-end reconciliation and management of invoices against established contracts across your enterprise
  • TrackPointTM for advanced enterprise-wide track and trace of your end-to-end shipments and deliveries

As the only provider with both consulting expertise and integrated solutions across the entire currency supply chain, Fiserv is uniquely positioned to help your organization reduce expenses and increase compliance and control throughout the enterprise.


To mitigate the risk of financial losses, minimize errors, protect reputations and improve customer service, organizations require a comprehensive approach to managing assets and invoices. Features in the enterprise tracking and reconciliation products include:

  • Automated invoice matching system that increases processing efficiencies and timely reconciliations for quickly pinpointing vendor performance problems, detecting invoice processing errors, preventing losses and creating effective enterprise management reports
  • A central point for reconciliation requirements that verifies the accuracy of vendor invoices, eliminating wasteful spending and reducing the risk of losses due to error or fraud
  • A single system of record that provides the ability to effectively manage vendors and negotiate more favorable pricing based on an enterprise-wide view of providers and contract terms
  • Advanced, Web-based track and trace capabilities for real-time visibility to both the location and "point in process" for any asset, creating transparency for management and compliance initiatives
  • Multi-asset tracking capabilities, such as barcode tracking, for items with monetary value or security and privacy considerations to mitigate risk of financial loss and reputational damage

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