Device Manager: Terminal Connect

Device Manager™: Terminal Connect to help you bring multi-device management and maintenance under one complete solution toolset, increasing your self-service network monitoring for hardware, software and platform components.


Simplify the Management of Multiple Device Functions

Many organizations must combine several solutions to perform different functions – such as one system for incident management activities, another for remote interaction with the device, and a third to provide reporting and analytics.  Terminal Connect helps brings multi-device management under a single, complete solution toolset.

Prioritize, Manage and Monitor Hardware and Software Across Vendors and Platforms

Terminal Connect supports enhanced device monitoring, performance measurement and service dispatch that can provide management throughout your network. This state-of-the-art solution provides user-selected, standards-based, multi-vendor management of software components, plus monitoring and management capabilities you can use to more efficiently keep your self-service network at peak performance.

Remote Control Improves Efficiency and Reduces Costs

Using Terminal Connect can help you remotely control and run commands for each managed device. This helps speed time to resolution; many issues can be resolved from the service desk without the need to dispatch on-site technicians. Fewer site visits can result in reduced costs for your organization.


Using Terminal Connect can help you:

  • Simplify multi-device management: Use one system for incident management, remote interactions and reporting and analytics for your entire device network
  • Monitor hardware and software: Analyze and review hardware, software and the solution's platform components on the device itself
  • Provide remote management to reduce costs: Remote diagnostics and resolution capabilities can reduce the need for on-site technicians
  • Streamline marketing and content updates: Design content management and delivery for updated visuals and marketing campaigns, regardless of device or manufacturer

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