Wealth Management Consulting

Optimize the revenue potential of your wealth management services with the Wealth Management consulting practice from Fiserv. This service can help you maximize revenue sources, generate process efficiencies, realize expense reductions and better understand your market position.


For more than 25 years, the Wealth Management consulting practice from Fiserv has been helping identify new opportunities to optimize bottom-line profitability. Our Wealth Management consulting specializes in investment and trust management, enabling your institution to realize significant, sustainable revenue growth.

Rather than employing a single wealth strategy, we deliver a number of significant revenue growth initiatives. Our recommendations are tailored to the unique needs of your institution and designed to add revenue, when and where needed, to build long-term sustained benefits and growth. Our clients experience as much as a 12% lift in benefits, and an average of $1 million in benefits for every $1 billion in assets. They generally begin to recognize value within four to six months following an engagement.

Our approach includes the following key elements:

  • A collaborative model: Our knowledgeable industry professionals work with wealth management and staff from initial discovery through implementation of optimal initiatives. We dovetail our recommendations with the bank’s strategy to increase the organizational focus on profitability objectives and achieve senior management buy-in
  • Proven process: Our approach examines specific profitability drivers and parameters, as well as existing underlying structures and mechanisms to support delivery of products and services to customers. Project methodology is designed to be non-intrusive, requiring minimal data and time commitments for project support
  • Specializations: Our experience includes many areas of specialization, including revenue improvement, customized competitive fee anlaysis, fee strategy development and advice, fee modeling and profitability analysis reporting, to name a few
  • Profitability optimization:
    • Rapid implementation based on sound project management and tailored plans that deal with known hurdles
    • Comprehensive industry knowledge and experience transferred to staff
    • Improved decision making through detailed reporting and understanding of customer impact
    • In-depth data modeling and rigorous analysis from the department level to the account level
    • Revenue gains for each opportunity that are tangible and measurable at all levels
    • Robust competitive fee analysis and reporting to support strategic business pricing decisions


With our integrated revenue solution, we bring all the pieces together to help clients optimize revenue:

  • Strategize: Develop long-term competitive pricing designed to optimize profitability and support the institution’s strategy
  • Model and apply optimum fee schedules: Model changes to all fees, including explicit, fund and other fee types. Show changes as totals, ranges, list of fees to accounts and more
  • Implement: Oversee all aspects of the revenue project from start to finish. Tailored project plans, shared experiences, detailed methodology and our ability to coach you through known hurdles ensure that the optimal value of a recommendation is realized as rapidly as possible
  • Follow through: Track, measure and report every fee dollar/change to every account
  • Mitigate risk: Help institutions minimize client attrition risk, systemic risk and competitive risk

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