Micronotes Cross-Sell for Digital Channels

Micronotes® Cross-Sell™ for Digital Channels from Fiserv can help your institution improve cross-selling results by conducting sales interviews where your customers are banking – online.


As the popularity of Internet and mobile banking continues to grow, opportunities for in-branch sales conversations are at an all-time low. New cross-selling strategies are needed to help financial institutions replace that one-on-one interaction with customers.

Deepening relationships with existing customers is the most efficient way to achieve growth, yet realizing the full potential of cross-selling has been difficult for most financial institutions. Micronotes Cross-Sell for Digital Channels from Fiserv creates a new opportunity to reach customers in a personal, direct, individualized way via today's most widely used channels.

Through intelligent questions tailored to discover individual customer situations and preferences, Micronotes Cross-Sell automatically offers appropriate products and services and quickly qualifies customers for follow-up, conversion and retargeting. And by asking the questions during active banking sessions and at logout the solution boosts the likelihood that customers will interact.

How It Works

  • Through the use of advanced data analytics and rules, customers are targeted for specific interviews, such as auto or mortgage loans
  • Customers are presented with a question that draws them into a brief, 12-second interview that pinpoints product needs and automatically makes a conversation-relevant offer
  • Micronotes Cross-Sell emails requested information to the customer and allows them to schedule an appointment or request a phone call
  • Leads are routed via email to the appropriate account or service representative within the financial institution, including all interview response details and contact information
  • Micronotes Cross-Sell nurtures the lead with reminder emails


  • Delivers $20 of value per online customer per year, across all types of products
  • Reduces costs through efficient, automated lead generation
  • Delivers highly qualified leads – 20 percent of leads become sales
  • Improves cross-selling productivity, drives revenue and improves retention by routing warm leads immediately to customer service representatives
  • Improves decision-making at the management level through lead generation and activity reports
  • Keeps conversations relevant and progressive by targeting customers based on previous responses

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