Business Lending Strategies

Fiserv analysts will conduct an in-depth review of your commercial and small business lending strategies and lifecycles to identify where improvements can be made.


Build a solid foundation for a strong bank business lending strategy with:

  • New and improved credit products and processes
  • Better pricing for revenue growth
  • Opportunities to enhance commercial and existing small business credit policies and underwriting parameters that enhance credit performance and control

Fiserv analysts begin with an in-depth review of the commercial and small business banking lending lifecycle from loan delivery channels, origination/underwriting processes, funding, booking and servicing functions that you currently use to support commercial and small business prospect and client credit requests.

We will help identify overall process inefficiencies in order to streamline origination processes, reduce costs and improve the commercial and small business customer experience. Analysts will determine what technology is in place to support application, underwriting, pre-closing, documentation and servicing functions, and they will identify solutions to improve automation and process efficiency.

After the analysis is complete, Fiserv will provide a summary of your current environment.  The summary will identify process inefficiencies that, when addressed, will result in an improved loan evaluation and closing turnaround timeframe, reduced costs and an overall improved customer experience.

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