TransferNow Small Business

TransferNow® Small Business from Fiserv is a secure funds transfer service that enables small businesses to easily transfer funds across their personal and business accounts — all from your financial institution’s online banking site.


TransferNow Small Business is an online funds transfer service that enables you to offer secure inter-institution transfer services to small business customers. It seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and online banking environment to allow small business customers to transfer funds between their personal and business accounts, as well as across business accounts.

By providing automated identity authentication and funding account verification processes that satisfy all business, risk and compliance requirements, TransferNow Small Business allows small business customers to safely transfer money between their accounts held at nearly every U.S.-based financial institution.

TransferNow Small Business enables financial institutions to enhance their online offerings for small businesses, improve customer satisfaction and generate incremental transaction-based revenue streams. Business owners gain greater control over their cash management activities, increasing their satisfaction and engagement with the institution.


Features of TransferNow Small Business empower your financial institution to provide small business customers with an online funds transfer service that fits their needs:

  • Multiple settlement options: Including next-day and three-day settlement speeds to meet each business' individual, and often urgent, cash flow needs
  • Convenient transfer options: Including one-time, recurring or future-dated transfers to meet each customer's specific needs
  • Optimized payments operations: Handles all aspects of ACH processing, including exceptions, resubmissions and inquiries, and features five daily ACH submissions and the latest ACH deadline in the industry
  • Intuitive user interface: Employs a user-friendly interface allowing users to distinguish between their business and personal accounts and enabling them to view activity across all their accounts
  • Comprehensive risk management: Provides access to best-of-breed risk management tools and databases and includes options for enhanced tracking and risk monitoring

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