FinKit for Open Banking

FinKitâ„¢ for Open Banking from Fiserv is a fully managed service that enables banks to comply with the pace of change mandated by UK OBIE and EU PSD2 open banking regulations.


FinKit for Open Banking is a platform-based solution for the delivery of UK OBIE and EU PSD2 open banking compliance, provided as a managed service. Keep up with the increasing pace of regulatory change by delivering continuous change without initiating repeated projects for bespoke work.

Free yourself from the complexity of technical compliance with FinKit for Open Banking, the platform built for automation, scale and change to help you keep up with changing regulations and lower the cost of compliance.

Reduce operational overhead in implementation and ongoing management while remaining compliant with continuing advancements. Generate valuable services for customers when you build, run and iterate PSD2-based services on the scalable, bank-grade FinKit platform that turns PSD2 from a cost to a revenue opportunity.


  • Access to pre-built APIs/business services and TPP support channels
  • Ongoing updates to the APIs/business services for Open Banking/PSD2 compliance
  • Full version control and management
  • Open Banking sandbox to onboard and enable banks or third parties to develop, debug, test and maintain their services
  • The full operating model to run, monitor and support all APIs/business services and TPPs
  • Optional integration with legacy IDP and management of consumer consent

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