Mobiliti Reach

Mobiliti ReachTM from Fiserv enables banks in emerging economies to deliver a complete and carrier-independent mobile banking and payments solution. Aimed for major banks in rapidly evolving economies, Mobiliti Reach will enable your organization to lead the way in reaching existing banked customers, and new unbanked and underbanked consumer segments.


Many banks are struggling to keep up with ever-growing demand for mobile services from both banked and unbanked consumers while addressing competitive pressures from alternative, non-bank providers. To help address this challenge, Mobiliti Reach is available as a developing markets platform, enabling banks to also serve unbanked and underbanked consumer segments effectively.

Maintain ownership and control over the user experience and functionality with fully configurable Mobiliti Reach, a carrier independent, bank-centric solution.  Whether you need just one component of the solution, such as P2P payments, an entire package solution, or a more complex customized approach, Fiserv can deliver the options you need.

The needs of the unbanked and underbanked segments are distinct and require customized mobile banking services. Mobiliti Reach goes beyond the mobile interfaces and includes a complete set of tools that enable you to make your mobile channel successful. This includes enrollment, customer care, security management, reporting and diagnostic capabilities, which you need to meet your internal and regulatory obligations.


Mobiliti Reach has a wealth of features that empower you to provide the best mobile banking and payments experience for your customers, including:

  • Extensive Payment Capabilities: Enables your organization to offer comprehensive mobile payments, including real-time bill presentment and payments, person-to-person transactions, merchant payments and agent-centric transactions. Integrates into existing or new payment services such as prepaid top-up, P2P and international remittance
  • Flexible Access: Provides an all-in-one mobile banking and payments solution, supporting multiple access modes – messaging (SMS and USSD), mobile browser and downloadable applications – through a single platform
  • Enrollment and Activation Tools: Enables universal reach across your bank’s existing physical channels (such as ATM and Branch) to maximize your customer reach
  • Customer Care and Reporting: Provides you with integrated customer care, administration, diagnostic tools and intelligent reporting

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