Branch Solutions

Efficient, expedient service is the hallmark of operational excellence at the branch level. Fiserv offers banking platforms and teller applications that speed branch processes and build stronger customer relationships.

Whether you have brick-and-mortar or virtual branches, branch banking is where you build customer relationships, cross-sell new products and increase wallet share. Your branches are your front line, and the people who work in them are the face and voice of your organization. This is where customers will form lasting opinions about your organization. Here, inefficiency isn't just lost time, it's lost opportunity.

Your customers demand speed, accuracy and courtesy, and your staff needs the tools to meet that demand. You need purpose-built industry solutions that streamline front- and back-office workflows to not only improve customer service, but also to keep behind-the-scenes operations running smoothly. Fiserv can help.

Our Solution

Our robust and versatile workflow platforms make account opening, teller customer service, cross-selling and other branch processes more efficient, consistent, accurate and customer-centric. From teller applications and workflows to customer relationship management, Fiserv provides banks and credit unions of all sizes with a comprehensive array of choices to keep branch operations running efficiently. Our branch solutions include:

  • Teller support applications that let bank customer service representatives focus on the new customer or member rather than on paperwork
  • Business process management workflows that minimize human error, optimize accountholder experience and maximize return on investment
  • Bank card and electronic funds transfer (EFT) solutions that strengthen individual cardholder relationships and improve payment efficiency
  • Treasury management that creates visibility into the financial supply chain, increasing cash flow, reducing operating costs and driving standardization
  • Customer relationship management that equips bank representatives with the vital information, automation and shared tools needed to manage customers, portfolios, sales teams and markets


Fiserv employs practical, proven technologies using industry best practices and state-of-the-art security. Our solutions can smooth and streamline virtually every process that occurs within your branches. This helps you:

  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Automatically generate and route necessary forms
  • Prompt tellers and staff to make the most of cross-selling opportunities
  • Enhance consistency and reduce banking errors
  • Simplify regulatory compliance and training
  • Enhance bank customer or credit union member service
  • Assess and manage risk associated with new accounts
  • Improve your bottom line

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