AllData Aggregation for Fintech

“Data is the new oil,” said former Federal Reserve official Linda Jeng in an interview. “If you have access to data, then you have the ingredients to build better services.”

It can be expensive and time consuming to connect to customer accounts in every financial institution. It is easier to have AllData Aggregation® from Fiserv make and support all the connections in a single, standard API. This enables fintechs to quickly develop innovative products and services that can have the widest consumer reach.

How Do Fintechs Use AllData Aggregation?

AllData Aggregation from Fiserv is used by businesses to provide consumers with a comprehensive view of their finances, for advisors to provide deeper insight and better analysis, and for fintechs to develop innovative products and services with speed and agility.

One common methology of data aggregation is when a consumer signs up for a service within a fintech app. If the fintech app requires bank account login and password information, the consumer consents and credentials are provided to AllData Aggregation, enabling the fintech app access to the consumers information. For financial planning applications, consumers financial information is put into a dashboard that can then display accounts, investments, credit balances, liabilities, assets, insurance policies, tax planning, budgeting, mortgage data, and more. This enables consumers to more easily monitor and track their financial lives.

Fiserv is completely buttoned up in terms of the reliability and quality of the AllData Aggregation platform. It's very responsive. It's totally flexible. And, bottom line, it just works.

- David Evans, President and CEO, DecisionLogic


Provide consolidated financial reports for wealth management firms and advisors.


Drive greater cost efficiencies and fraud prevention through greater consumer behavior insights.

Consumer Finance

All the real-time, bank validated insights needed to help businesses make the best lending decisions.


Merchant Commerce

Attack fraud with insight to real-time account data and balance verifications.

Financial Services

Give consumers’ a single 360’ view of all of their financial accounts – even those across multiple institutions.

Alternate Lending

Reduce paperwork and processing times by having all the financial data available in one place.

Getting Started is Easy

Tech firms, government agencies, financial service providers and other aggregators can add AllData Aggregation to existing platforms, enabling an unparalleled blended data environment for any use. Aggregated data can be delivered using REST APIs, easily integrating the data you need with any new or existing application, regardless of the underlying technology platform.


Responsive framework for any platform with out-of-the-box user integrations.


Connections from banks, billers, mortgages, credit cards, investments and much more.


85 of the top 100 U.S. banks rely on Fiserv to secure financial data on their behalf.


Access AllData via REST API within any application requiring personal financial data.

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