Our Clover Love Story

Why Love? Because we love helping small businesses – all businesses, really – run their business, freeing up hard-working entrepreneurs, owners and employees so they have more time to do what they love. And we’re passionate about helping them succeed – especially during this unprecedented time in our world.

Clover from Fiserv is a customizable, all-in-one business management platform that’s helping to simplify the way business runs. Along with the Clover App Market, a curated collection of more than 500 apps that help to add even more value to small businesses, Clover meets the unique needs of virtually every business type, from restaurants and retailers to service businesses. It’s an industry-leading business management platform that enables merchants to easily accept payments at the point of sale and execute tasks more efficiently, helping them run well and grow.

Our passion for small businesses has inspired us to share more stories about our clients, our communities and our love of the ‘game.’

Fiserv Expands Partnership with Chip Ganassi Racing

Throughout the season Fiserv will be promoting its Back2Business program, a multi-pronged initiative to strengthen minority-owned small businesses in targeted communities through financial support, business expertise, leading technology solutions such as Clover, strategic partnerships, and community engagement. 

Sharing the Love: Connecting People and Communities through Commerce


Our Love for Serving Others

Small businesses are the heartbeat of the communities where they serve. See how Fiserv is helping Black- and minority-owner small businesses get Back2Business.

Our Love for Communities

Being a platform for good in our local communities is a point of Fiserv pride and passion.  Learn how Fiserv partners with local leaders to share our love for the communities in which we live and work. 

Our Love for the Game

Clover enables energetic and enthusiastic fans everywhere to share their love for the game and life experiences with those they heart most!

Our Love of Payments Innovation

Clover enables business owners to share their love of what they do with the people they serve  through cool and contactless payments experiences.

See how Clover solutions are helping merchants