Money Laundering –
What's Your Investment Firm's Risk?

Regulatory compliance, reputation and business integrity are at risk when a money laundering scheme goes undetected.


The nature and complexity of business transactions for securities and investment firms creates a wealth of opportunities for money launderers. Keeping up with these threats can be time consuming and costly.

The reality is that you are forced to weigh the risk of undetected money laundering with the operational impact of a cumbersome manual detection effort. You have to remain efficient and responsive to clients' needs. Anything that could slow down the business isn't a good solution.

The answer lies in developing a comprehensive anti-money laundering (AML) program supported by the most effective technology for financial crime detection.


Addressing Key AML Challenges for Securities and Investment Firms

Download our white paper to hear about three key areas to explore as you develop your AML program:

  • The benefits of implementing a risk-based approach
  • Why fast, accurate and compliant onboarding is crucial
  • How to balance program costs with reduced risk


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AML Risk Manager from Fiserv

Comprehensive capabilities to detect, alert, manage and report money laundering threats, enabling analysts to focus on investigation and helping you keep operational costs in check.

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