Money Laundering – A Real Risk to the Life Insurance Industry

Money launderers can take advantage of insurers – unless a rock-solid AML program is in place


Life insurance is increasingly vulnerable to money laundering activities. If insurers aren’t diligent in establishing effective AML programs, they risk regulatory noncompliance, reputational harm and disappointed customers.

Is your insurance organization doing all it can – and should – to mitigate the risk of money laundering? Do you know the potential risks to your company's reputation and regulatory standing? And how do you go about strengthening your anti-money laundering program?


How Money Launderers Use Life Insurance Products: Why It’s a Real Risk to the Industry

Download our white paper to see how, with the proper detection processes and technology in place, insurers can be better protected against criminal schemes and the threats they pose. Read more to learn:

  • The three main factors that make the insurance industry vulnerable to money laundering
  • Why money laundering is such a risk to insurance companies
  • How a risk-based approach, using the latest AML technology, works to protect your reputation


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Comprehensive capabilities to detect, alert, manage and report money laundering threats, enabling analysts to focus on investigation and helping you keep operational costs in check.

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