Payments Transformation

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Instant Issue Advantage™
Payment Cards

Satisfy consumers' expectations for cards when they need them with Instant Issue Advantage. Your most valuable consumer touchpoint is in consumers’ wallets, with cards being the most frequent point of interaction between you and your accountholders. Stop by to learn about the hottest trends in the payment card industry – contactless cards, metal cards and instant card issuance. New models of card issuance are part of reimagining the branch experience. 

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Turnkey Service for Zelle®

Enable consumers to quickly, easily and safely send money to friends and family in minutes with Turnkey Service for Zelle. Zelle is a national person-to-person payment network backed by the largest financial institutions in the country. Our solution provides real-time payments to all participating financial institutions, accelerates real-time payments for the U.S. financial industry and your institution, and helps achieve the highest level of participation by focusing on adoption.

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CheckFree® RXP®  

Meet consumers' expectations for paying bills, paying people and transferring funds how and when they want. CheckFree RXP is a complete payment life cycle electronic billing and payment solution that promotes increased adoption and usage of a financial institution’s online channel. TransferNow is a convenient, online, account-to-account transfer platform that provides consumers with an easy, secure way to transfer funds between accounts and financial institutions.

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Remittance Solutions

Experience faster accounts receivable posting and information access without making significant capital expenditures for new or upgraded technology with Remittance Solutions. Your financial institution can offer comprehensive receivables management, remittance processing and lockbox services to commercial customers in multiple industries. You also can integrate Source Capture Solutions® tools with Remittance Solutions to transform the customer experience and increase revenue opportunities. 

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Experience a flexible, cost-effective end-to-end file transfer service with XRoads. This data delivery solution features a specialized focus on data management, transformation and delivery to and from financial entities, their vendors and processors. What makes XRoads unique is its ASP model, which replaces the need for additional IT resources to procure, install and maintain expensive data transfer applications and on-site equipment.

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Perform wire transfers with unmatched speed and ease with WireXchange. This secure, time-saving solution is web-based and features an intuitive interface to a highly automated application that eliminates redundant manual processes, ensures compliance and supports the efficient completion of end-to-end wire transfers.

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Dovetail Payments Platform

Transform the way you manage payments with Dovetail Payments Platform, PEP+ and ARP/SMS. Dovetail Payments Platform allows processing of non-card-based electronic payments and information for your back office. PEP+ provides an online, real-time solution for efficiently originating and receiving ACH payments. ARP/SMS is an integrated, online, real-time positive pay and reconcilement system that reduces exposure to check fraud, streamlines back-office operations and offers treasury management capabilities. 

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