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Premier® in the Public Cloud

Reduce IT costs, provide scalability on demand, enhance business continuity, make collaboration more efficient and provide access to automatic updates when you deploy Premier in the public cloud. Financial institutions that process in-house on the Premier platform now have the option to deploy using Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. 

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Virtual Reality
Explore Banking in 2030

Get ready for the experience of a decade. Slip into our virtual reality world and fast forward 11 years to follow the journey of a startup business in 2030 as its banking relationship fuels incredible growth. From a driverless “bank on wheels” to a virtual CFO who delivers intelligent financial advice and investor connections, many unique and valuable experiences are possibilities for financial institutions and their consumers in the not-so-distant future. 

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Ask for Your Data - Out Loud

This innovative technology uses natural language commands to find, run and navigate your organization's information. Simply ask a question to access prebuilt reports, drill down into dashboards or create customized reports. "Hey, Cortana" will transform the way data is accessed and information is shared within your organization. 

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The New User Interface of Premier®

Get an early glimpse of the completely reimagined user interface for the Premier account processing platform. The changes create a more intelligent and intuitive experience intended to equal or even surpass the user experiences of the most successful Fintechs. Join us to see and touch the new user interface and provide your input. 

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Verifast™ Kiosk

Authenticate consumers quickly at in-branch kiosks such as integrated lobby tellers (ILT) and interactive teller machines (ITM). With Verifast Kiosk, consumers authenticate themselves via palm vein technology at a self-service terminal. Authentication is unobtrusive and reduces fraud risk by providing validation before the financial transaction gets underway. 

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Self-Service Branch Innovation

Deliver innovative services and elevate the consumer experience with our new integrated branch self-service banking solutions. See what the branch of the future could include. Customers get the convenience of ATM functions with the sophistication of teller transactions in branch or at the drive-through. 

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Mortgage Origination Within Online and Mobile Banking

Leverage consumers’ information and relationships to personalize an on-demand mortgage origination experience within online and mobile banking channels. Provide access to mortgage tools, instant rates and affordability information, live help, and next steps to help consumers compare loan options and take action toward approval. Less information is needed for more accurate approvals when you learn to make the most of this opportunity. 

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Digital Humans Transform Loan Origination

See how a little humanity can go a long way with the incorporation of a "digital human" into the digital lending process. Borrowers often want to start a mortgage loan process on their own, but a digital human can drive next steps and reduce confusion and abandonment in the mortgage process. We'll explore the impact in shopping for mortgage rates, asking questions throughout the application process, obtaining details and rate comparisons, and offering to pay off credit card balances to show total savings. 

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Direct Marketing, Digital Messaging & Creative Services
Next Multi-Channel Marketing

Drive new revenue, increase activation and utilization, and improve loyalty with Next Multi-Channel Marketing. Create and easily deploy impactful direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. Our unified approach allows you to leverage our unique data and analytics solutions to market efficiently and effectively through multiple real-time and automated campaign fulfillment options. 

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CheckFree® NextSM

Enable consumers to automate the addition of a new payee and setting up e-bill alerts within their bill pay service with CheckFree Next. You can offer a simpler, smarter, faster bill pay experience. Learn how this innovative solution “knows” the user and can intelligently match people with their bills, enabling consumers to quickly set up bill pay, sign up for e-bills, pay billers and receive proactive/actionable alerts all in one seamless interaction. 

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