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AML Risk Manager

Manage anti-money laundering (AML) requirements and mitigate risks quickly and cost-effectively with AML Risk Manager. AML Risk Manager provides a risk-based approach based on your financial institution's unique risk profile to help you manage challenges and meet your regulatory obligations. 

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Protect sensitive data from cyberattacks and fast-moving threats with CyberProtect. Data protection is critical to earning consumer trust. CyberProtect offers stronger and more cost-effective cybersecurity than your financial institution could achieve on its own.

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Financial Crime Risk Management Platform
Compliance Systems Services

Prevent fraud losses and satisfy regulatory requirements with Financial Crime Risk Management Platform. This easy-to-use toolset helps you comply with financial crime laws. Operating in real-time and batch environments, the platform integrates with account processing and ancillary applications. Compliance System Services assists financial institutions in a recalibration of Financial Crime Risk Management Platform on industry recommended standards.

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Verifast™ Branch

Minimize fraud while completing transactions quickly and improving accountholder satisfaction with Verifast Branch. Reduce fraud risk by unobtrusively authenticating consumers during in-person interactions at the teller line using palm vein biometric technology. Authentication reduces fraud risk by providing validation before a transaction gets underway. 

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Verifast™ Access

Replace your existing building entry method with the security and efficiency of palm vein biometrics. With Verifast Access, you have a secure, reliable, easy-to-use way to control and monitor physical access to business premises or sensitive areas.

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Verifast™ SSO

Provide a simple and secure way for staff to log into networks, applications or websites with Verifast SSO. Employees simply hold their palm over Verifast mouse instead of manually keying in a password. Once biometrically authenticated, employees can immediately access the applications and resources they are permitted to use.

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