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Operate more efficiently, expand relationships and adapt to changing business needs with DNA. DNA is a modern, flexible, real-time account processing platform with a unique open architecture and a person-centered data model. With DNA, you can manage relationships among people, businesses and accounts in real time and through all channels. 

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Serve consumers more effectively and operate more efficiently with DNAappstore. DNAappstore is a rich and convenient resource for discovering, trying and buying enhancements and extensions to the DNA account processing platform. And DNAcreator allows client developers to create DNAapps™ that are available to DNA clients on the DNAappstore. 

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Deliver the convenient self-service banking options consumers and businesses expect at an affordable cost with DNAweb. Provide a personalized online banking experience to differentiate your financial institution and increase customer and member satisfaction. DNAweb integrates with other self-service channels and solutions such as bill pay, personal financial management, integrated mobile and remote deposit capture. 

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Digital Account Opening
OriginateSM Deposits

Attract new accountholders and borrowers by reaching consumers where over half of them prefer to apply ‒ online or on a mobile device. With Originate Deposits, it's easy to attract new accountholders and borrowers with the user experience consumers have come to expect in their online and mobile interactions. 

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Digital Mortgage Origination
Mortgage Director

Mortgage Director is an intelligent mortgage loan origination system. Leveraging digital technologies to obtain data and automate best practices, loan manufacturing tasks are now automated which drive teams to be more efficient by focusing only where human interaction is needed most. Mortgage Director maintains loan quality and certainty through the entire transition by mitigating risk, compliance, and loan defects. 

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Digital Lending - Unsecured

Bring in more loans and process them more efficiently with Originate Loancierge. It's easy to increase loans by reaching borrowers where over half of them prefer to apply ‒ online or on a mobile device. Originate Loancierge transforms your credit union’s lending operation with streamlined processes that eliminate data re-entry, improve data accuracy and boost staff productivity, enabling loan departments to process and close loans faster and more effectively. 

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Digital Lending - Secured

Increase loans by reaching borrowers where over half of them prefer to apply ‒ online or on a mobile device. With Originate Loans, you can integrate multiple lending functions into a streamlined and highly automated process designed to eliminate data re-entry, improve data accuracy and boost staff productivity from initial receipt of an application through loan booking. 

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Web Design Services
Web Hosting Services

Create a compelling and engaging web presence with the help of Web Design Services and Web Hosting Services. Your website is the digital branch of your organization. When used correctly, it can be an effective and cost-efficient sales tool. You need a website that represents your organization well, encourages the adoption and use of online services, and connects with your advertising and promotions. 

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DNA® Service Delivery
DNA® Education Services
Professional Services for DNA®

Meet the trainers, client service managers and professional services experts you rely on to get the most from DNA and integrated solutions. Learn more about best practices, tips and tricks for optimizing DNA operational efficiencies and enhance the customer and member experience. Discover new channels for interacting with the Fiserv team and submitting ideas to enhance the platform. And review training opportunities available to the DNA user community. 

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Experience a highly adaptable, scalable solution that adjust to the unique needs of your credit union with DataSafe. This account processing platform delivers technology for large to midsized technically capable credit unions with support for in-house and online deployments. 

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Grow your credit union with intuitive navigation, logical workflows and expedited training options. With Portico, an account processing solution with a zero-footprint infrastructure, you'll experience unmatched reliability. Portico is based on a service-oriented architecture with an interface built entirely in Microsoft®.NET.

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Digital MomentumSM

Achieve momentum with market-leading digital banking solutions built to meet the distinct needs and goals of credit unions of all sizes and types.

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Collections for Credit Unions

Reduce risk by increasing recoveries and reducing delinquencies with Advisory Services for Credit Unions. Streamline the collection process to improve staff efficiency and productivity by providing seamless functionality and real-time core integration. 

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Improve back-office accounting at your credit union with Wisdom, a comprehensive set of back-office accounting tools. Wisdom includes Asset Liability Management, Investments, 5300 Call Report Assistant and Accounting. Together, these modules provide business insight, streamline processes and help you save time, offering unprecedented flexibility and ease of use. 

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Advisory Services for Credit Unions

Streamline your processes and increase efficiency within your credit union to ensure you're getting the most out of your account processor with our system optimization review. We'll provide a review of each department and make recommendations of areas for improvement. We also offer business recovery services to provide recovery for your core systems and restoration of connections to your third-party partners in cases such as disasters and equipment malfunctions. 

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Hardware AdvantageSM

Support your operations more efficiently with hardware that is preconfigured and ready to use. With Hardware Advantage, you can save money by leveraging the buying power of Fiserv and simplify vendor management by consolidating your hardware spend with Fiserv. 

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Prism Analytics™ for Credit Unions

Eliminate data silos with Prism Analytics for Credit Unions. This centralized data management and CRM solution eliminates data silos for member relationship management, engagement, profitability, tracking referrals, sales and marketing campaigns. Business process workflows and automation provide efficiencies and benefits for process improvement and member experience. 

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Focus on strengthening relationships and building member satisfaction when you outsource your data processing with OnCU. This fully automated teller platform for credit unions simplifies and streamlines daily processes. More technology-focused credit unions, meanwhile, might consider Reliance. This robust account processing solution features a fully graphical user interface with easy-to-use wizards and workflow. 

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Focus on delivering superior member service with CubicsPlus, an in-house account processing solution designed with the budget-conscious credit union in mind. You'll find an easy-to-navigate interface that keeps the focus on member service. CUSA is an excellent account processing solution choice for credit unions that lack the resources to develop applications in-house. It delivers an intuitive interface that enables tellers to access loan and account histories immediately and view them all on a single screen. 

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Experience an efficient and flexible account processing solution for your credit union with CUnify. CUnify is right for credit unions seeking a complete solution with features for mainstream workflows, integrations for key products and an accessible, relational database for comprehensive data access. 

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Deliver fast, convenient and consistent member service with Galaxy, an intuitive, user-friendly, feature-rich account processing solution. You'll find the integrated tools you need to understand each member as an individual. 

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Grow your credit union and drive operational efficiency with XP2. This next-generation account processing solution features a Microsoft® .NET architecture that’s open at every tier and an individual-centric design backed by an IBM DB2® relational database. XP2 offers credit unions proven, scalable technology and established interfaces to a broad range of enterprise solutions. 

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Serve your members better with Spectrum, an account processing system available in an in-house, online or resource-management delivery model. You'll find a broad suite of browser-based financial applications, electronic services and technology tools delivered through an open, robust platform. New capabilities and enhanced functionality bring efficient interfaces between Spectrum and emerging solutions from Fiserv, enabling credit unions to minimize risk and better serve members. 

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