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International Solutions
EMEA, LACC and APAC Regions

Experience best-in-class technology and innovation with solutions from Fiserv available across 80 countries. DigitalAccess features readily deployable packaged functionality for an online and mobile solution. POSH™ is a robust, secure, flexible terminal management, authorization and switching solution for payment transaction systems. Signature is a customer-centric, multilingual, dynamic, real-time, 24/7, multicurrency, multichannel banking solution designed to meet the needs of innovative banks. 

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Communicator Advantage™

Pursue open banking strategies and create differentiating experiences with Communicator Advantage. This comprehensive integration solution facilitates the real-time flow of data and transactions through all channels, platforms and systems, helping your organization satisfy customer expectations and leverage the possibilities of digitization. Using Communicator Advantage, you can convert ideas into business logic and extend banking in new and profitable ways.

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Business Process Manager
Business Process Improvement

Enable staff to spend less time entering data and more time providing personal service with Business Process Manager. Learn how your organization can focus more on the customer so you can build solid relationships from the moment customers walk through the door. With Business Process Improvement, we can help you identify ways to reduce waste, generate synergies and streamline your business to deliver real benefits and minimize everyday challenges.

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Business Analytics

Find the leading data management, reporting and analytics that are critical to your financial institution’s continued success with iVue. Learn the benefits of iVue, a comprehensive data warehouse and information management solution that integrates with the robust analytical and reporting tools of Business Analytics to create a powerful business intelligence framework. 

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BankAnalyst® Market
BankAnalyst Financial

Conduct comprehensive market and peer analysis with BankAnalyst, a unique online advisory tool. Learn about the structured, four-step decision process to identify earnings-enhancement opportunities, quantify the dollar value, prioritize actions and recommend resource allocations. These tools provide an efficient, structured approach for banks of any size to facilitate effective planning and decision making across the entire management team. 

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Performance Data Warehouse
Performance Analytics: Scorecards

Provide a single source for current and historic information so you can shift your focus from data collection and validation to the insights hidden within that data with Performance Data Warehouse. See how Performance Data Warehouse is complemented by two versatile report-authoring and analytics tools: Business Analytics and Performance Analytics: Scorecards to drive predictive modeling, customer insights and business performance. 

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Product Portfolio Optimization
Deposit Growth Services

Maximize your mix of product offerings to meet customers' needs and optimize revenue potential with Product Portfolio Optimization. Learn how to leverage comprehensive analysis of your market, business model, costs, capacity, competition and customers to fashion custom deposit growth strategies that work for your organization. 

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Experience real-time account processing with Cleartouch. Built on a customer-centric foundation, Cleartouch is an outsourced solution that features user-designed workflows, role-based functionality, cross-application reporting, intuitive navigation and holistic views of customer relationships to enable you to automate processes, drive cross-sales and optimize the customer experience. Cleartouch-specific add-on solutions further enhance the platform's value. 

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Experience robust functionality and scalability with Premier. The account processing platform is ideal for financial institutions with diverse goals, customers and technology strategies. The evolution of Premier continues with the addition of a real-time posting service and real-time posting of back-office lending transactions. Enhanced accuracy, efficiency and customer experience, faster payments and reduced fraud risk are benefits of real-time transaction processing. 

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Migration Services

Reduce compliance burdens, strengthen security, make your IT expenditures more predictable and free up your team to focus on growing your business when you migrate from in-house to outsourced processing. Learn more about outsourcing account and item processing and other technology-related functions. 

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Grow your organization by optimizing sales automation and management efforts with EnAct. EnAct provides role-based user profiles for personal bankers, mortgage specialists, wealth managers, private bankers, trust officers, commercial banks, and treasury and cash management specialists. It combines the purpose-built banking functionality of an industry solution with the powerful capabilities and flexibility of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM platform. 

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Connected Teller™

Improve the customer experience with Aperio, a multichannel customer experience platform that provides account opening and servicing driven by a workflow engine. A smart-client companion to Aperio, Connected Teller empowers tellers to become an extension of your sales team and fosters a sales culture throughout your organization. And see how you can take your marketing efforts to the next level through integration with EnAct™ and drive efficiencies with Source Capture Solutions®

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Customize and scale to meet your customers' needs with Signature. The account processing platform is a comprehensive, customer-centric solution that supports both retail and commercial banking. It's ideal for large financial institutions and designed for organizations that view technology as a differentiator. Signature serves the needs of traditional and nontraditional financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad. 

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Experience personalized workflows with user-level customization, task-oriented navigation, 360-degree views of customer relationships, efficient access to documents, robust reporting and cross-selling with Precision. An integrated, end-to-end bank platform, Precision is built on modern, flexible technology, including a relational database. The scheduler tool in Precision automates a number of daily operations, and maintenance automation capabilities expedite mass changes. 

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Operate more efficiently, expand relationships and adapt to changing business needs with DNA. DNA is a modern, flexible, real-time account processing platform with a unique open architecture and a person-centered data model. With DNA, you can manage relationships among people, businesses and accounts in real time and through all channels. 

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Serve consumers more effectively and operate more efficiently with DNAappstore. DNAappstore is a rich and convenient resource for discovering, trying and buying enhancements and extensions to the DNA account processing platform. And DNAcreator allows client developers to create DNAapps™ that are available to DNA clients on the DNAappstore. 

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Deliver the convenient self-service banking options consumers and businesses expect at an affordable cost with DNAweb. Provide a personalized online banking experience to differentiate your financial institution and increase customer and member satisfaction. DNAweb integrates with other self-service channels and solutions such as bill pay, personal financial management, integrated mobile and remote deposit capture. 

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Digital Account Opening
OriginateSM Deposits

Attract new accountholders and borrowers by reaching consumers where over half of them prefer to apply ‒ online or on a mobile device. With Originate Deposits, it's easy to attract new accountholders and borrowers with the user experience consumers have come to expect in their online and mobile interactions. 

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Digital Mortgage Origination
Mortgage Director

Mortgage Director is an intelligent mortgage loan origination system. Leveraging digital technologies to obtain data and automate best practices, loan manufacturing tasks are now automated which drive teams to be more efficient by focusing only where human interaction is needed most. Mortgage Director maintains loan quality and certainty through the entire transition by mitigating risk, compliance, and loan defects. 

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Digital Lending - Unsecured

Bring in more loans and process them more efficiently with Originate Loancierge. It's easy to increase loans by reaching borrowers where over half of them prefer to apply ‒ online or on a mobile device. Originate Loancierge transforms your credit union’s lending operation with streamlined processes that eliminate data re-entry, improve data accuracy and boost staff productivity, enabling loan departments to process and close loans faster and more effectively. 

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