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How you manage your data affects the quality of your decisions.

Create a More Transparent Environment

Give Regulators, Investors and Borrowers a Better Understanding about the Decisions Being Made.

“Transparency�? has taken on a whole new life for loan servicing organizations. Processes that may have been considered transparent up until now no longer fit the definition. In fact, there’s a new – and better – definition. One that fits the needs of the current regulatory environment and how it applies to today’s loan servicers.

In short, it’s being able to “show the math�? for all the factors involved in every decision and action for literally every touch-point on every loan. That’s a tall order, but clarity is achievable through vigilant data governance and analysis.

But Fiserv can help. Download our Point of View paper and learn how to establish and maintain clarify around data, decisions and processes.

Read “Transparency in Default Servicing: Better Data, Better Decisions�? Now!

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