Teller Seller for Signature

Teller Seller™ for Signature® from Fiserv enables tellers to become an extension of your sales team in the branch, embedding a sales culture throughout your organization.


With Teller Seller from Fiserv, branch tellers are given the information to add to transaction handling the ability to perform key service and cross-sell activities appropriate for the end-customer's needs. The solution provides automated tools that optimize the teller function within a financial institution. This customer-centric focus will enable tellers to contribute to winning business for the bank, build brand image and maintain customer loyalty. Teller Seller is integrated with Signature (international version) bank platform from Fiserv, and is a customer interaction management solution available to global financial institutions, regardless of core provider.

Teller Seller enables your frontline teller team to become more customer-centric in customer interactions, resulting in a higher level of customer service. It also drives sales related information to the teller desktop so that tellers can promote offers and respond intelligently to customer sales inquiries. Teller Seller is powered by a business process engine foundation that has the power to automate customer awareness, campaign solicitation prompts, and the generation of referrals. It also provides a cross-channel customer engagement history, and a record of significant events in the customer/financial institution relationship.

Teller Seller provides tellers with sales capabilities through:

  • Prompts for customer information and campaigns 
  • Referral recognition 
  • Customer/Financial Institution contact record


Teller Seller includes all the features you need to enable the teller team to become more customer-aware and sales-focused:

  • Customer awareness: Provides customer data as a supplement to transaction data, enabling the teller to be aware of the individual with whom he/she is dealing 
  • Campaign solicitation: Prompts a teller to deliver actionable sales or service campaigns 
  • Generation of referrals: Enables tellers to spot sales opportunities, initiate conversations and generate leads 
  • Engagement history: Allows teller to see a list of all engagements that have occurred between a customer and the institution, across all channels 
  • Significant events: Displays records of events deemed by your financial institution as defining moments in a customer relationship

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