The Fiserv Integration Advantage

Fiserv is revolutionizing the integration environment to deliver new solutions and services more quickly and efficiently, create a truly unified cross-channel customer experience and open the door to a wealth of innovations.


The world of financial services is increasingly digital, data-driven and subject to disruption. Financial institutions need the agility to react quickly to rapidly changing technology, new competitors and rising customer expectations. To help our clients keep pace and continue delivering the satisfying experiences customers demand, Fiserv is taking a dramatically different approach to integration.

Driving this new approach is the Enterprise Services Framework (ESF), a comprehensive integration solution that underlies Fiserv technology and overhauls the way individual solutions are engaged. ESF uses a powerful combination of industry-leading software, architecture standards and reusable services to greatly simplify and strengthen the integration environment. This unique approach helps financial institutions gain significant efficiencies, better leverage the information in their enterprise and introduce new technology to their customers more quickly than ever. Fiserv draws on the power of ESF to develop and deliver new innovations at a faster pace – helping our clients remain competitive, differentiate in the market and grow their business.

Faster Time to Market

Here’s how it works: while traditional integration methods create separate point-to-point connections between each solution, ESF provides a single integration solution to connect every Fiserv solution, reducing the number of interfaces by as much as 90 percent. This high-quality integration helps financial institutions to greatly simplify and increase efficiency.

Simplified Integration Environment

New solutions can be plugged into the framework and engaged with all other solutions. Information collected at one touchpoint is dispersed across all systems and channels – supporting comprehensive, real-time information sharing between Fiserv solutions and third-party vendors. These unprecedented capabilities provide the foundation to combine technology in new ways and deliver exciting innovations that make life easier for bankers and their customers. Real-time alerts, real-time fraud detection, and enhanced banker mobility and flexibility are all made possible through the ESF. This environment can also greatly improve the customer experience by providing a truly consistent experience across multiple channels.

Fiserv is building for the future with ESF, helping our clients jump-start innovation in response to accelerating change – while preparing for realities yet to be imagined.


  • ESF is a powerful combination of industry-leading software, financial industry standards and reusable services that greatly reduce inconsistency, increase agility and minimize integration complexity and cost
  • Fiserv is forward looking, starting with the best integration technology and building for the future. We are committed to delivering an integration advantage to clients that will keep them relevant and competitive
  • ESF provides the foundation for Communicator Advantage™, an integration solution that extends the value of ESF to deliver highly customized integration

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