CheckFree RXP

Used by close to 4,000 institutions, CheckFree® RXP® from Fiserv is the industry's leading electronic billing and payments solution that delivers on the goal of making the financial institution the center of consumers' money movement activities.


CheckFree RXP has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for consumers to pay bills and people they know, receive and view their bills electronically, and maintain complete control over their money movement all from their financial institution's site.

Today, CheckFree RXP provides a simple, user-friendly payment experience for consumers, which conveniently displays key features and billing information in one place instead of requiring them to navigate to other pages.

The solution offers the:

  • Most comprehensive electronic billing and payment experience
  • Most robust financial institution-centric model for consumers to pay bills, or anyone, online
  • Industry's largest all data-driven e-bill network, connecting your users to hundreds of billers so they don't have to seek electronic billing through other channels
  • Convenient Feature Pack deployment process that allows for regular delivery of product enhancements and new functionality

Every aspect of CheckFree RXP is built based on extensive voice of customer input through tools such as surveys, focus groups and usability testing. This ensures that the delivered solution provides the best customer experience. And, Fiserv backs the payment experience through the CheckFree Guarantee, which provides customers the assurance of an on-time and accurate payment.

CheckFree RXP and an Integrated Payment Experience

CheckFree RXP is an integral component of our Integrated Payment Strategy (IPS). IPS delivers a straightforward, integrated, profoundly simple payments experience, enabling consumers to pay anyone they know or owe. The objective is to create a platform and network that allows money and data to move safely and securely, in a common ecosystem that connects consumers, financial institutions and billers, to allow people to pay and get paid through their trusted financial institutions.


CheckFree RXP has the breadth of features that empower you to provide the best online experience for your customers, including:

  • Full-service payment processing: Completed by the next business day in most cases, this enhances your customers' overall bill pay experiences, leading to increased loyalty to your financial institution
  • Flexible branding options: Customized branding and configuration options allow financial institutions to match their online banking platforms
  • Accessibility: Conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (OWCAG) 2.0 Level AA
  • Easy implementation and migration: The most experienced migration team in the industry ensures an exceptional conversion experience for your customers
  • Innovative e-bill Introduction: The industry's only program designed to increase knowledge and usage of e-bills through a 90-day trial period

Optional Features and Services Include:

  • Same-Day Payments and Overnight Checks: Allows users to make expedited payments through your online service offering, generating revenue while providing an often necessary function for your customer
  • Account-to-Account Transfers: Users can transfer funds between accounts at your financial institution and another while you control the fees based on the direction of the transfer
  • FraudNet™: A powerful turnkey networked fraud detection and prevention system

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