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Forum 2022 | Agenda

On Demand Program

In the client's office

Frank Bisignano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Fiserv  

Join Frank on a listening tour as he speaks with other chief executives about leading people and organizations to achieve excellence and make a difference in their communities.

Creating a smarter future – together

Guy Chiarello, Chief Operating Officer, Fiserv

Learn more about the technology trends driving commerce and financial services – and how Fiserv is helping clients harness these trends for results today and sustained innovation for tomorrow.

Growth in a changing economy

Dr. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody’s Analytics

Suzan Kereere, Head of Global Business Solutions, Fiserv

Rising inflation and interest rates together with strong consumer spending and record employment make for an uncertain economic forecast. A leading economist offers his insights and answers questions on what the numbers mean for your business.

Crypto disruption: Friend or foe?

Byron Vielehr, Chief Growth Officer, Fiserv

Cryptocurrencies are moving from memes to the mainstream. As the pace of consumer adoption and innovation accelerates, learn how to prepare your organization for the accelerating adoption of digital currencies.

Unlock opportunity through digital transformation

Whitney Stewart Russell, President, Digital Solutions, Fiserv

Digital transformation helps organizations solve problems, innovate faster and drive customer engagement. See examples of how Fiserv clients are embracing digital to transform their business and prepare for what's next.

Fintechs help people tailor banking to life

Sunil Sachdev, Head of Fintech and Growth, Fiserv

Consumers are embracing fintechs to personalize financial services and payments to their goals. Find out how financial institutions and merchants can extend their reach and meet customers' needs through fintech innovation.

A conversation with Secretary Condoleezza Rice

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, 66th U.S. Secretary of State

Frank Bisignano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Fiserv

Dr. Condoleezza Rice shares her insights on geopolitics and leadership based on her extraordinary life on the world stage.

(Recording available through June 19, 2022)




During our Forum Finale, enjoy a private DJ set with five-time Grammy® Award-winning musician and Oscar-winning filmmaker Questlove.

Focus sessions

The following sessions are available on demand at the conclusion of the scheduled agenda.

Carat: The operating system for omnichannel commerce

Casey Klyszeiko, Head of Carat and eCommerce, Fiserv

Carat is the operating system for omnichannel commerce. Learn how one API enables large businesses and merchants with services, connections and applications they need to drive commerce and thrive.

CardHub: How digital cards drive engagement and portfolio growth

Randy Piatt, Vice President, Product Solutions and Marketing, Fiserv

Digital experiences encourage consumers to choose and use your cards, shares important trends and influences, and how to deliver the interactions consumers want.

Creating an open ecosystem for banking transformation

David McIninch, Head of Next Generation Solutions, Fiserv

Frank Sanchez, Co-Founder, Finxact and Vice Chairman, Fiserv

Join this fireside chat to learn more about Finxact, and how Fiserv is advancing an open ecosystem approach across our solutions portfolio to help clients innovate faster and meet consumer expectations.

Developer Studio: An agile tool for creating fintech experiences

Tom Eck, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation, Fiserv

Learn about Developer Studio from Fiserv, an award-winning offering for developers to rapidly build next-gen fintech apps and platforms. The session also discusses the agile methodology used to quickly build Developer Studio.

Focus on the credit union movement

Frank Bisignano, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fiserv

Theo Curey, President, Credit Union Solutions, Fiserv

Join Theo and Frank in a fireside chat on the importance of credit unions to the communities they serve, and how Fiserv is investing in innovation and client service to help credit unions better serve their members and communities.

Real-time payments: Here and NOW

Matt Wilcox, President, Digital Payments, Fiserv

Tim Ruhe, Vice President, Real-Time Payments, Fiserv

Real-time payments are moving past the pilot phase and showing real results. Learn where first movers are in their journey, what use cases are evolving and how Fiserv enables clients to implement their unique strategy and connect to multiple payments networks.

The Fiserv data advantage: Fueling our smarter future

Byron Vielehr, Chief Growth Officer, Fiserv

Prasanna Dhore, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Fiserv

Data is the fuel for intelligence in a smarter future. Join Byron and Prasanna for a discussion on how Fiserv is approaching data orchestration to harness billions of transactions and data points to stop fraud, improve customer experiences and create new value for you.