Countdown to Forum 2021

How to access engaging sessions and exclusive content

We look forward to welcoming you to Forum! Count on Forum to deliver important insights on financial services, commerce and payments experiences. To ensure you have the best possible experience, take a moment to perform recommended testing. 

Prepare for a stable and consistent experience:

  • Using Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari browser on your laptop or desktop computer. Note: The event platform will NOT work in Internet Explorer and tablets are not recommended
  • Disconnect other devices not in use from your wireless network to improve your bandwidth
  • Disable browser pop-up blockers, so you can access all content and windows

Up to 30 minutes before the event begins at 2:00 pm GMT-3:

  • Click Forum 2021 Event Access Link, which will take you to the Lobby. Bookmark the link in your browser to make it easily accessible
  • Log in with the email used to register for the event
  • Run the 'System Check' in the event platform to test computer performance

Explore our easy navigation:

  • The Lobby provides an overview of Forum
  • Choose Enter Here to navigate to the Forum Auditorium up to 30 minutes before our General Session begins at 2:00 pm GMT-3
  • Take a moment to explore Forum. The Navigation Bar to the left of the screen will take you to the Lobby, Speakers and Agenda pages
  • Click Attendees to see others in the platform and Chat to send direct messages to other participants

If you need technical support or have questions during the meeting, click on the Help Desk icon on the Navigation Bar to the left of your screen. Prior to the event, email any questions to

If you miss a session or want to any information, most sessions are available on demand and at your convenience beginning June 16.

We look forward to connecting with you!