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On-Demand | Breakout Sessions for Financial Institutions

A Layered Approach to Protect Against Financial Crimes

Nayan Patel, VP, Product Management, Open Solutions

Chad Davison, Director, Client Solutions Consulting, Account Processing Services

Digital Innovation: The Omnichannel Cardholder Experience

Vaduvur Bharghavan, Head of Ondot

Gain Trust With Tech – Four Key Technologies

Keith Fulton, Chief Information Officer, Account Processing Services

Optimal Performance in the Branch and Back Office

James Lubeck, Director, Client Solutions Consulting, Account Processing Services

Danny Baker, VP, Market Strategy, Financial & Risk Management Solutions

Straight Talk: There’s No Turning Back From the New Digital Reality 

Todd Horvath, Head of Account Processing Services

Himanshu Patel, Head of Card Services

The Journey to Real-Time Payments

Matt Wilcox, President, Digital Payment Solutions

The Power of Data-Driven Insights and Actionable Analytics

David McIninch, SVP, Marketing, Strategy and Product Management, Account Processing Services

Nimmi Narayanan, Senior Product Manager, Data and Analytics, Account Processing Services