Navigating the Multigenerational Workplace

Feb  04 
Leah Georges, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of Leadership, Creighton University  

Five generations are interacting in the workplace for the first time in America's history. And if you believe what you read, you might assume it's not going well.

But what we want is so much more similar than what we might imagine.

We want work that matters, autonomy and flexibility. We want support from employers and to feel appreciated. And we want better coffee.

Yet none of those things is tied to a generation.

The focus on generational cohorts has created a space where we've simply forgot that people are people. And to know who they really are – who we really work with – we have to embrace a generationally diverse work environment.


TEDx speaker and social psychologist Leah Georges works with organizations to help them better understand and navigate the multigenerational workplace. As part of the Leading Women Summit at Fiserv Forum 2019, she shared why she believes our assumptions about other generations may be holding us back from effectively working and communicating with people of all ages.

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