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2018 Trends in Billing and Payments: Enhancing the Customer Experience

Dec  12 
Marc Schroeder  Director, Product Marketing, Biller Solutions, Fiserv 

Consumers want to pay their bills whenever, however and wherever it's most convenient for them. Billers will spend the coming year finding new ways to enhance the customer experience by providing that flexibility.

People are on the go, and their baseline expectation is that their bills can go with them. Mobile bill pay, either through biller apps or consumers' financial institutions, is standard across the market, and recent quarterly consumer research by Fiserv confirms it. The Expectations & Experiences: Consumer Payments survey showed mobile bill pay is now used by 65 percent of mobile bankers.

Billers, though, know consumers expect more than mobility. People want seamless, hassle-free experiences that mirror the satisfaction they get when they use, for instance, Amazon. They want freedom to pay their bills at a biller's website, through their financial institutions, with a phone app or through their digital wallet. They want the flexibility to use a credit card, debit card, ACH or cash. They want to control the amount and decide whether it's a one-time or auto payment. And they expect reliable and timely alerts and notifications no matter the channel.

billing and payment trends in 2018.

Billers' focus on meeting those consumer expectations will spur multiple trends in 2018. Here are three to watch:

The Rewards of a Strong Customer Experience

Enhancing the billing and payment experience for consumers is far more than a single trend for the coming year. It will come in various shapes and sizes, both behind the scenes and in highly visible ways. But there's a common theme tying it all together: meeting people wherever, whenever and however they want.