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Environmental Sustainability Highlighted at Forum Through Arbor Day Foundation Partnership

Apr  09 
Fiserv Corporate Communications   

As part of an ongoing commitment to giving back and making a difference in the communities we serve, Fiserv highlights community service initiatives as a part of Forum. Last year, we provided support for a financial literacy program at the Boys & Girls Clubs. At Forum 2015, we’re highlighting environmental stewardship and sustainability. From a focus on recycling and green building practices, to promoting paperless processes for our clients and our company, Fiserv is committed to finding innovative ways to conserve resources and reduce our impact on the planet we share.

Fiserv Forum 2015 will forgo most traditional printed materials in favor of a digital mobile guide, saving up to 9,000 pounds of paper and 100 trees. We’ll reduce, reuse and recycle whenever we can, and swap plastic bottles for reusable water bottles and filling stations. Even the venue we’ve chosen, The Venetian, is eco-friendly and certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

Through a focus on environmental stewardship, our goal is to support organizations that contribute to the sustainability of our planet and its natural resources. During Forum, Fiserv will announce a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to help plant more than 25,000 trees this year. The Arbor Day Foundation, founded in 1972, is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees, and this year alone they will plant more than 5 million trees in our nation’s forests. Arbor Day is April 24.

Fiserv works with clients to help eliminate paper-based processes. Less paper in the financial system means less impact to forests where paper is produced, resulting in less waste to be recycled and ultimately, less impact to the environment. For example, the average American household could save up to six pounds of paper and 23 pounds of wood a year by making the switch to electronic bills (e-bills). In recognition of our efforts to promote the adoption of e-bills, Fiserv received the Direct Marketing Association 2014 Innovation Award in a new global sustainability category that recognizes innovative sustainable products, services and initiatives that improve the global environment.

In addition to electronic billing and payment, financial institutions can use online and mobile banking, remote image capture, electronic document management, e-statements and many other paperless solutions to spend fewer resources while meeting growing consumer demand for digital processes.