Planning, Analytics, and Expertise: Keys to Implementing a Portfolio Management Strategy

A new CEB TowerGroup white paper highlights how card issuers can gain a deep understanding of their cardholders, build upon proven strategies with portfolio growth consultation, and implement more targeted – and more successful – campaigns.

An effective portfolio segmentation strategy will help you engage your cardholders better and respond to their financial needs. With the right design in place, you will be able to directly affect key business metrics through operational campaigns for both credit and debit card accounts.

Segmentation as a function classifies accounts into groups; applying portfolio analytics adds depth. Rather than dealing with customers as a broadly defined group, the analytic tool might use a set of instructions to discern "all cardholders on the books greater than five days that have not transacted," "debit card users with high demand deposit account balances and with no card transaction activity," or "credit card holders with high credit lines and low usage." Managers can better identify specific account segments with low usage, missed transaction opportunities, and declining activity, and then integrate a targeted marketing strategy.

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