How Financial Institutions Can Prepare for the Unexpected


COVID-19 drove home the importance of a more data-driven, agile planning and budgeting model, one that leverages up-to-date technologies and workflows that today's CFOs must have to quickly respond to market events.


COVID-19 forced many financial institutions to drastically alter existing strategies and adopt new ways to deliver financial products and services. The pandemic only highlighted and intensified existing problems, and industry findings suggest that while CFOs understand the importance of agile and connected planning methods, they aren't always fully using financial and operational data in the decision-making process.

This white paper examines those trends and looks at how CFOs can more effectively create a forward-looking planning process.

  • The importance of collecting the right data
  • The need to build a comprehensive, multidimensional budgeting structure
  • Why applying "what if" scenarios is crucial
  • Using forecasting to measure effectiveness
  • Integrating and visualizing data for better decision making
  • Identifying required resources and automating for speed


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Axiom Planning and Profitability from Fiserv can help financial institutions prepare for the unexpected, enabling them to better manage and enhance financial and organizational performance with strategic, growth-focused decision making. 


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