A Framework for the Future of Digital Banking: Designing Solutions for Success

By leveraging consumer research findings, Fiserv has created a Customer Experience Framework to help financial institutions provide compelling digital banking experiences designed to earn more wallet share, create efficiencies and ultimately generate greater business value.

Designed to Attract, Engage and Extend Customer Relationships

The framework focuses on three phases of consumer interactions with financial products and services: Attract, Engage, Extend. This approach is linear with each phase building on the one before it. They include:

  • Attract Phase:

    focused on understanding consumers and providing offerings and services tailored to them, and then delivering compelling reasons for them to use the products and services
  • Engage Phase:

    focuses on engaging the customer through creating a best-in-class experience that satisfies consumers' expectations for easy, effortless digital banking that simplifies everyday financial tasks
  • Extend Phase:

    establishes financial institutions as a single, financial hub across all digital banking channels for their customers and provide the tools, features and functionality to view their complete financial situations, manage all of their finances and achieve all of their financial goals through digital banking