Business Technology Services Power Series

Building Your Roadmap for Growth

Welcome to the Business Technology Services Power Series. This series consists of webinars focused on specific technology solutions financial institutions are using to increase efficiency, extend resources and improve the customer/member experience. Check out the series below.

Improve Efficiencies With User-Acceptance Testing Automation

We know that meeting customer and member expectations, staying current and delivering new capabilities as quickly as possible are critical.  This strategic learning session will focuses on how automating user acceptance testing will help you drive efficiency, increase staff bandwidth and improve your time to market. 

  • Hear from Navy Army Community Credit Union on their journey
  • Learn how to reduce time you spend on testing without sacrificing quality
  • See a demonstration of automated UAT Testing
  • Understand business cases that support investing in testing automation

How to Fuel Consumer Engagement in Today’s Digital Environment

Our world has changed quickly and consumers are adopting to the new normal. Fiserv has been focused on bringing together best-in-class technology and strategy to help our clients deliver consumer 360.  This webinar provides insight into the following:

  • How to develop a clear roadmap to deliver expected consumer service
  • How to bring together disparate systems and data in a centralized portal to deliver real-time 360-degree experiences to both customers and employees
  • The ways in which a lack of channel integration and 360-degree view can affect our ability to serve consumers effectively and create a below par experience
  • The impact of a lack of in-house skill-set to drive digital transformation

Focus on Customers, not Repetitive Tasks  with Robotic Process Automation

Need remote productivity? Now more than ever, banks are looking to improve their digital operations and increase efficiency. Robotic process automation (RPA) is delivering value today for financial services by automating manual, repetitive tasks. In this webcast, we discuss how banks are using RPA for unattended operations from any location to increase bandwidth and improve the customer experience. 

Whether you are just starting your RPA journey or are in the middle of implementing, this interactive session will bring value to you on how to implement and optimize RPA. In this webcast, you can expect to:

  • Gain insight into RPA best practices and learnings
  • See RPA in action with RPA demos and use cases
  • Understand how AI and machine learning can improve RPA value

How to Maximize Your Data Utilization to Deliver Relevant Real-Time Actions

Using real-time data to deliver improved customer experiences at the point of interaction has been an ongoing conversation across our industry for many years, but many organizations have yet to put it into practice.  There are specific components needed and hurdles to overcome to transform data into actionable, insightful and useful real-time customer engagements. During this webcast our experts share:

  • Why data management is an important part of your digital strategy 
  • The importance of using real-time data 
  • Barriers to success and how to overcome them
  • Elements for successful real-time data solutions
  • Use cases in financial services
  • The steps for getting started

Common Use Cases for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Financial Institutions

The use of software robots is expected to grow exponentially in the financial services sector. Application Development: Robotic Process Automation from Fiserv enables the deployment of a digital workforce to help you increase efficiency and reassign human resources to more strategic, high-value tasks. RPA can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate unstructured and nonroutine tasks. This enables your RPA systems to dynamically adapt to changing external inputs, further increasing their efficiency and value. During this webcast our expert will share:

  • What RPA is
  • Why your financial institution should consider RPA
  • Sample use cases for RPA

Understanding the Important Steps to Cloud Readiness and Cloud Migration

There are many important steps and considerations for any financial institution researching a move to the cloud. Learn how Fiserv Infrastructure Services can help you evaluate your current environment and data readiness for the cloud. The webcast will also cover the steps needed to migrate workloads and applications to the cloud. Understand how cloud technology can improve operational speed and performance and increase workload scalability, environmental security and stability. During this webcast our expert will reveal the importance of:

  • Developing a cloud migration game plan
  • Conducting a cloud readiness assessment
  • Understanding the appropriate systems and applications to migrate to the cloud

About our panel of experts

Rich Ainey, Client Solutions Consultant, Fiserv

In his role as client solutions consultant at Fiserv, Rich utilizes his experience in information technology and knowledge of financial services to deliver advanced solutions tailored to the needs of Fiserv clients. His extensive background in networking, systems administration, virtualization, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and more ensures every variable in a cloud migration is taken into consideration.

Manish Pandey, Senior Director, Business Development and Digital Strategy, Fiserv

Manish Pandey leads Business Technology Services Product Management and Strategy at Fiserv where he is working with forward-looking Fintech capabilities and banking clients to collaborate and transform the banking consumer experience.  Manish has over 19 years of information management and electronic commerce industry experience in global environments. His strong strategic agility with an eye for detail helped in building, growing, and managing business initiatives in consumer engagement and digital banking.

Domenic Ravita, Vice President, Field CTO, Product Marketing, MemSQL

Domenic Ravita has 23 years of experience across consulting, software development, architecture and solution engineering leadership. He brings product knowledge and a senior technical perspective to field teams and customers. He has experience in distributed, in-memory data grids, streaming analytics, integration and data science.

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