Offer Immediate Funds Access to Your Customers as a Revenue Generating Service

Your customers want instant access to their deposited funds. Deliver the type of funds availability they want and cement your relationship with them by offering Immediate Funds from Fiserv.

Immediate Funds lets you meet a pressing demand from small businesses and consumers while generating revenue for your business.

There is a growing need for instant availability of funds from checks and consumers are willing to pay for the convenience. In fact, more than half of consumers who use check-cashing businesses have accounts with banks but choose to go elsewhere in an attempt to get more immediate access to funds. That includes going to the issuing bank where they have no account and no other relationship — which translates into missed revenue and relationship opportunities for your institution.

Fiserv can show your bank how to build deeper relationships with existing customers, attract new customers and increase revenue with service fees by offering a convenience that consumers are increasingly seeking.

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