Instant Issue Advantage Video

Instant Issue Advantage™ allows your financial institution to offer fast, affordable, in-house production and issuance of permanent EMV, debit, credit, ATM, gift and photo cards.

Fiserv offers an integrated approach to card issuance – centrally issued cards for the majority of your programs, with an instant issue solution for new accounts and lost or stolen card replacement. Instant issue cards can be delivered in two ways:

Temporary Instant Debit Cards

Branch personnel pull a non-personalized card from the secure vault, enter the information into the processing system and hand the card to the customer. The card can be used immediately to make purchases until a fully personalized, permanent debit card arrives in the mail from Fiserv.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software are used to issue permanent, personalized cards in the branch. With this solution, you can offer a variety of cards including ATM, debit, credit, gift, photo, contactless and EMV chip cards.