Fiserv Webinar With CEB TowerGroup: Creating Digital Mortgage Closings While Achieving UCD Compliance

Just when lenders have adjusted to TRID, HMDA and CFPB regulations, in September 2017 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs) will require lenders to deliver mortgage loan closing data and documents to them in very specific digital formats.

In 2017 mortgage lenders are facing the triple whammy of declining industry lending volume, higher operating costs and new regulatory requirements. At the same time, consumers have heightened customer service expectations for digital processing and speed.

In this webinar, we will present:

  • How regulation and customer expectations are driving demand for digital mortgage documents and moving them through origination, closing and investor delivery
  • Why the GSE's upcoming Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) requirements are the latest-and largest-urgency driver for eliminating paper mortgage documents
  • What successful technology strategies mortgage lenders should consider not only to comply with regulations, but to delight customers, reduce costs and increase margins
  • Specific use cases in mortgage loan origination that illustrate how lenders are creating and moving digital loan files and data at the closing table and into the secondary market

Watch the recorded webinar.