Fiserv Voice Banking Technology Wins Alexa Challenge recognizes Fiserv for the Most Creative Application of Voice Technology in the 2018 Voice Challenge with Amazon Alexa.

In the recent 2018 Voice Challenge with Amazon Alexa, Fiserv demonstrated voice banking capabilities that enable financial institutions and their customers to manage their bank accounts as easily as they have conversations. People can ask questions such as, "Alexa, can I please have my balance?" or, "Alexa, how much is in my savings account?"

"The power of voice is its potential to create transaction flows that adapt to the life of the consumer instead of having the consumer adapt to the flow of a baked-in set of banking and payments processes," said Karen Webster, CEO, "The Fiserv submission demonstrated the power of a skill that can sync with the life of a consumer whenever and wherever they are - and all of the financial services and payments possibilities that can be unlocked from that way of thinking."

Our winning submission highlights how the Amazon Alexa voice service can notify customers of pending bills and enable people to send P2P payments, check mortgage rates and manage credit cards. The technology supports current and future Alexa-enabled devices.