Fiserv Partnership With AFS Video

The Fiserv partnership with Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS) will help financial institutions capitalize on commercial lending opportunities. In this video, Fiserv and AFS executives talk about the benefits of the partnership.

This partnership will bring the industry-leading commercial lending capabilities AFS to Fiserv bank core account processing clients. The integration of AFSVision® with account processing platforms from Fiserv will enable clients to efficiently expand their lending services to support complex commercial lending demands.

The AFS capabilities being offered to Fiserv clients include loan servicing and loan administration, which will be hosted and managed by AFS. These capabilities will be offered by Fiserv via the company's Enterprise Services Framework. This will enable the robust lending capabilities of AFS to be accessed by financial institutions without the installation of a customized interface, allowing them to benefit from simplified and less expensive implementation, operation and maintenance processes.

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